Magicsave ver. 3.5 released compatible w/ 620TN and 635PRO

With that tool you can repair corrupted saves.

MagicSave Features:
Save files directly to qualified service
- Repairing a corrupted save file
- Save file patching (modified checksum code application modifications, handling and other free)
- Save file backup (CFW of Ver-independent files)
- Search the flag state compared to the non-encrypted data
Collecting · GameKey
- Other

Install it like a normal plugin!


- Basic operation section;

· Gamekey fixes may not be saved in the correct file name
- Fixed a bug that freezes when loading a file if you save
* Another thread to stop enabling PSP to freeze fixes suspend
Update to latest Ver · libmenu
· HEN (6.20 TN / 6.35 Pro) that supports

Plug-ins] [MagicSave relationship

* The following items were removed from the function being exported for the plug


Abolished · Lite version
· Log abolished the function
(MagicSave made available only through plug-ins)
With the additions and changes - Fixed ReadMe

Download Here: Magicsave ver. 3.5